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SolarNetOne Terminal Networks

SolarNetOne Terminal Networks are solar powered and open source. Our solar powered terminal networks serve as perfect net cafes in remote locations, even in regions requiring satellite connectivity.. These also are a great option for your green business office needs. Please contact us at so that we can get started with designing a perfect solution for you needs. When you write, please include the desired number of seats, your location, budget and time frame. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We asked the IT services how the SolarNetOne terminal server network and long range wifi infrastructure has affected the economy, work and life in Kiribati.   

Overall it contributes to the economy in terms of changing life style into a more comfortable one and provides a more advanced communication system.  It opened the door to the individuals to trade from other businesses in any part of the world which has increased the inflow of imported goods to the people of Kiribati, increased business opportunities, and reduced the number of manual systems required for ordering goods from overseas.  SolarNetOne is more affordable, effective, and easy to operate compared to other internet access solutions that are available in Kiribati.  

Tawiita Noere Tonganibeia, Information Technology Services for Kiribati Ports Authority 



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