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Improvements in available instrumentation over the past two decades have yielded a wealth of data for researchers into Heliophysics, the study of the physics of the Sun. Devices like the SDO, STEREO and SOHO observatories have displayed the Sun's mysteries in all new ways, and have allowed great improvements in the understanding of space weather. We have striven to make the most of those investments in science by applying the data collected.

SolarNetOne's Heliophysics research came as an accident, as many fruitful discoveries have throughout history. While working on Magnetics for power systems research, we noticed a stark relationship between the state of space weather and the effects upon a fast rotating magnetic test device. During observation, the device was noticed to increase in output power, then the spherical rotor began a precessionary wobbling. Later, while skimming RSS feeds, an article documenting the impact upon Earth of a Coronal Mass Ejection showed up. Reading the article, it was apparent that the time of the event was in line with the anomalies in our homespun magnetometer.

Logic dictated that further data was required, and over the next several years, the relationship between space weather and device response was proven clearly in observation after observation. Given that solar events could have such profound effects on the correct devices terrestrially, it followed that the planetary bodies could have magnetic and electrical effects upon the Sun's larger field. Further research still led to a magnetically based model for predicting solar flaring and associated CME events.

This method has allowed predictions of greater accuracy, and with significantly more advance warning, that previously possible. Notably, the July 4, 2012 flaring flurry was accurately predicted as "fireworks on the way." Several other events were accurately predicted in the preceding and following months. All of this data was archived on Google+ for posterity, and still remains in its original, unedited state as proof of the efficacy of the model. Did we mention that we LOVE magnets?

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